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Desktop Gold is a Computer-based paid-application with enhanced security and speed. You need to download a 91 MB Desktop Gold installer file before accessing the software. Once you install the software using desktop gold link, navigate to Desktop Gold world and enjoy watching movies, reading news, chatting, accessing emails, and much more than you think!

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System Requirement
For Windows

Open ABOUT Window on device from Start menu and check for these hardware and software essentials.

  • Device Speed: 266 MHz or above

  • Space in RAM: 1024 MB (minimal)

  • Hard-disk space: 512 MB (minimal)

  • Standard Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

  • Operating system: Windows 7, or higher

  • Download Agent: Any Windows supporting web browser

  • Internet connection: Wireless, broadband, or DSL

Common Issue with Desktop App

  • Issues while downloading and installing it on computers and other devices.

  • The issue of a missing  Desktop icon which is experienced by many users.

  • Problems in accessing email on Desktop Gold.

  • The auto –update of Desktop Gold ceases to work.

  • System or device compatibility issues.

  • Problem while trying to uninstall the software.

  • Although it supports the activity of playing games, sometimes the gaming feature does not work.

  • Difficulty in setting desktop gold as the default browser.